Everyone has a voice…it’s how you use it that matters…

Our world is occupied by large voices. Those of politicians, leaders, and heroes. We hear the chattering of change from thinkers and inventors next to the damaging diatribe of oppressors and dictators. There is one thing that these voices have in common, they belong to the adults of our communities. Here at the Cummins Theatre we thought it was time the smallest voices in our community were heard and so we launched the Small Voices Project.

Supported by the Australian Governments regional arts program, The Regional Arts Fund, the Small Voices Project sought to discover what our youngest members thought of their world, their hopes for the future, and what they thought the world needed to hear.

Conducted over a series of workshops and activity days the project employed both local artists from the Wheatbelt area with visiting artist from Perth and Melbourne. Each artist interacted with local children, of which over 150 have contributed to this project, and produced artwork for a public exhibition which took over the streets of Merredin for four weeks in 2017.

The exhibition was an interactive display of voice recordings, video recordings, paintings, photographs, and words all built around the idea of “What Merredin means to me”.

Throughout Merredin were located eight station points. Each built around the themes of; Merredin, Love, Worry, Adults vs Children, The Future, Fish (don’t worry you will understand when you see this station), Changing the World, and Wisdom.

Interacting with the exhibition was simple – participants downloaded the following audio recordings, and listened to them while walking from point to point. In total the exhibition took a little over an hour to complete and view each work. Below you can view some of the artwork created and listen to the accompanying audio tracks.

This project would not have been possible without the support of

Special thanks to our artists and arts workers

Alex Desebrock

Sarah Landro

Emma and Ben Davis

Jacqueline Warrick

Thank you to our support organisations

Merredin Repertory Club

St Mary's School Merredin

Merredin Camera Club

Avon Youth Merredin